Copier World Background

Everywhere you see the words ‘COPIER WORLD’; you’ll see the line ‘Delivering Low cost genuine business benefits’. We have never just sold boxes, and we have never left our customers unsupported. We are dedicated to giving our clients services, which save them money and make their businesses, run more efficiently.

Everything about COPIER WORLD is structured to achieve those aims, and it’s helped us build our successful enterprise with long-term customers who trust our judgment and treat us as partners, an extension of their own businesses.

A Tailored solution

Before we recommend products or solutions for your business, you will find that your COPIER WORLD consultant will ask plenty of questions. They will want to fully understand your situation- your needs now and your plans for the future. We will take full and personal responsibility for getting our product recommendations right because we want you to remain our client for years to come. Your COPIER WORLD consultant wants to become an integral part of your company, someone you can call anytime.

Technical expertise

Speaking of in-depth knowledge, we have in-house technical expertise and product knowledge based on overall 85 years in the business, which ensures we have the best possible understanding of our market. Our staff spends hundreds of man-hours on training, and liaison with our suppliers, so we know what products are on the horizon. So if you do need a bespoke solution, we will be able to approach your requirements professionally and effectively- we won’t just sell you a box.

We won’t forget about you. Whatever work is required to get your systems functioning correctly, we won’t stop until you’re getting exactly what you want out of your equipment. We believe in accountability because we know that in many cases your entire business can stand or fall on the services we provide.

Clients or partners?

Our clients treat us as partners for all these reasons- and we feel a sense of shared ownership in our clients’ success. Feel free to put us to the test. For a discussion of your exact requirements, call us on 1300 657 317.